Pok Oi visits RCAP, where’s a shelter for adoption of dogs being abandoned

Pok Oi 『The Centre of Philanthropy 』was invited by Ms. Wong, who is in charge of the #RCAP, to visit there on October 19, 2019 at 1:30 pm. Ms Wong, is very friendly and has brought us around visiting the environment of dogs’ living. The Center adopted more than 400 dogs being abandoned. The living environment is comfort and there are volunteers coming to take care of the dogs regularly❗

In addition to leaving the dog yard to rescue abandoned dogs, Ms Wong, the person in charge also strives to provide better living environment for a large group of dogs within limited resources. Dogs have basic needs such as food, water, and medical care. At the same time, dogs also need sufficient living space to walk, play with their friends, explore the world, and get some fresh air, to exercise and stretching.

In order to understand the needs of dogs at RCAP 🎈 , the purpose of this visit aims to raise more resources to help the dogs, to improve the living quality of dogs, reduce operational burdens, and extent more spaces allowing dogs to walk and run. And the construction of seawall will prevent flood pouring from the sea to cause damage of the dog shelter.

RCAP, an animal shelter located in Xiabai, Yuen Long, is landed on a low-lying area near the seaside. When typhoon comes, and other birds strike, the seawater will quickly flow into the RCAP.
 “The sea kept pouring in, and I was shocked, as it happens in less than 15 minutes. The 400 dogs had to swim without stopping. After more than a hour, the water slowly receded. If I dip a little higher, I may be dead. “Ms. Wong, tries to recall the situation but still feeling much horrified. The water receded, but issues come one after another. Some dogs submerged in the sea had skin problems, thousands of pounds of dog food were washed away, and the facilities were damaged, making Ms Wong worried.

In order to prevent the dog from experiencing the risk again, Ms Wong specially invited workers to build a platform inside each dog’s room so that the dogs can escape if necessary, or let it cool down a bit in the summer. In addition, Ms. Wong also hopes to extent “seawall” near the coastal to block the sudden flood. Adding new rooms in the open space is also one of the key projects. Ms. Wong also revealed that the monthly operation is tough tho, and the fund is very limited. So she wants to make use of this platform to list the needs of RCAP! When everyone can give a helping hand, just help them more!

Dog farms are now at difficult, and the fundraising goals are as follows:

–build a seawall to block the flood, so that the dogs can live more safely! ⚠

–Add a high concrete platform in the dog house so that the dog can escape the danger of water rising at any time.⚠

–Expand the rooms, allow adoption from 400 to 500 dogs as a target 🐕 , and adopt another 74 dogs- they are now waiting for rescue at the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

–extent the dog’s activity space so that the dog can stretch their muscles!

–Maintain sufficient food and complete medical services for dogs. The monthly expenditure on dog food is about Hk$40,000 a month.

✍✍🏻 You can choose ways to assist and overcome difficulties with the owner of RCAP.  

1) Donation 
2)Sponsor materials 
3)Become a volunteer

❣no matter which method you choose, we’re welcome!

1)If you want to make a donation, please transfer the funds to the following banks of our institution: Institution: CENTRE OF PHILANTHROY, CITIC Bank: 772-2-02197-2-00, and take a photo of the receipt with your name and send it to 5127-9641 , 6625-6110 or 5201-0068. After deducting the operational charges, the remaining donations will be fully handed over to Ms. Wong, for development and improvement work at RCAP

2) If you choose to sponsor materials, please list out the quantity of the item, write your name and take a picture to us wtsapp: 5127-9641, 6625-6110 or 5201-0068. Upon confirmation of acceptance, the Pok Oi team will arrange delivery to RCAP

3) If you want to become a volunteer, please wtsapp: 5127-9641, 6625-6110 or 5201-0068, write your name, age, and have worked as a volunteer agency. If appropriate, we will arrange a referral.


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