About us

We hope that the vulnerable groups can acquire full support from charity funds. By working out those charity projects, we not only advocate people from all walks of life to join us with the volunteer works, but also create positive synergy to influence society.

Pok Oi (The Centre of Philanthropy) was registered as a non-profit organization on 23 December, 2014. The registration number is: REF.CP / LIC / SO / 19/53510. The Association is organized by a group of young people. We are enthusiastic about all charitable activities, and always support the socially vulnerable group in order to create a harmonious community.

Our Mission

Help the weak and elderly people
Help vulnerable groups and elderly, embody the love of society

Animals protection
Rescue abandoned animals, give them the shelters and love

Love others like yourself
Help low-income families and those suffering from a serious illness, give them a second chance at life